Freida Pinto No Plastic Surgery

There are so many reasons to adore Freida Pinto, whether its her incredibly skillful acting ability or her flawless natural beauty. Another thing i admire about Freida Pinto is that she is 100% natural and free from the dreaded plague of celebrity plastic surgery. Am i right people? Have most celebrities lost there marbles?


Freida Pinto Bra Size?

I have spotted some topics which were questioning the bra size of the fabulous Freida Pinto, and while there was no general consensus among the questioner, i would guess that she is probably around a 32B.

What do you think Freida Pinto's bra size actually is?


Freida Pinto Perfect Teeth

Freida Pinto is truly a breath of fresh air in every since, from her gorgeous black hair to her big dark brown hair, not to mention her perfect set of pearly white teeth.

Amazing woman, amazing teeth.


Freida Pinto Beautiful Black Hair

Freida Pinto is such a stunningly beautiful woman, with some of the most amazing black hair i have seen.

Long flowing with great think fine texture, equals the perfect combination of great hair.

Love to see her acting skills and pretty hair on the silk screen.

Best celebrity hairstyle in the business.


Freida Pinto Desktop Wallpapers

Amazing pretty wallpaper pics of famous bollywood celeb Freida Pinto, star of Oscar winning movie Slumdog Millionaire.